Opulence Seed NFT Collection

For the True Believers in the Opulence Platform

For the further development of the Opulence Platform we decided it would be best to Launch the Opulence Seed NFT Collection.

The Seed Collection are 10,000 truly unique NFT’s and differ from our Real Estate NFT’s.

The Purpose of the Seed NFT Collection is to raise Capital for further development of the Opulence Protocol.

The long-term benefit of owning an Opulence Seed NFT is like no other! Seed Owners are truly planting a seed to reap the rewards as the Opulence protocol grows.

Why are Seed NFT’s unique?

  • There will only be 10,000 in the collection. Funds raised from the mint go to further building the Opulence Protocol. Making you a true Seed investor.
  • The Seed NFT will generate passive yield when it is staked on the Opulence Protocol.
  • This Yield grows as the Opulence Platform grows. What does this mean? Every new property Opulence Holdings acquires, part of its ownership is given to the Seed NFT owners. So as the Opulence Platform Grows the Yield from the Seed NFT’s will just continue to grow indefinitely.
  • The Opulence Seed NFT’s will be royalty free for transactions.
  • Owning a Opulence Seed NFT will be the only way to ever access white lists for Opulence Property NFT mints.

Through the above long-term Yield mechanics Opulence Seed NFT’s will be revolutionary and truly reward our Seed Investors.

Stay Tuned on our Twitter and website for information about Opulence Seed NFT Mint date.



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